The suit that Bill Clinton dreams of

Photo Caption: Haitian Consul General Charles Forbin, Rony Delice, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, and Ronald Delice.

President Bill Clinton repeatedly asked the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe the name of his tailor. Seduced by the pair of scissors that transformed a piece of cloth into a chic suit, he wanted the couturier’s address. Both men participated in the 6th Gala Clinton Global Initiative, the most prestigious event of the week. Lamothe replied proudly that his tailors were Ronald Delice and Rony Delice, Haitian designers based in New York. Carlos Slim Helú, the richest man in the world, Luis A. Moreno, President of the Interamerican Development Bank, Denis O’Brien, president and founder of Digicel, Pepe Julian Onziema, program director for defense of sexual minorities in Uganda, the Rev. Christopher Senyonjo, executive director of a center reconciliation, and Katie Stagliano, founder and director of an organization that works in agriculture, each received an award in front of a nice group of guests, a mixture of stars in politics, philanthropy, thinking, media and showbiz.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, the Prime Minister, in another suit by Ron-n-Ron designed by Ronald and Rony Delice, told reporters about his evening with President Clinton.


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