Meet Ron & Ron

Ron & Ron, a fashion blog specializing in New York clothing trends, fragrances, and all types of fashion, by brothers Ron and Ron. By integrating subtle influences from their cultural background and adding signature detailing, this charismatic duo accentuates timeless, classic fashion sense with their own distinctive and versatile touches, offering a modern appeal. 

Ron #1

Ron #1.

Ronald is a graduate of the University of Memphis where he studied Liberal Arts and Fashion Design. He worked at Victoria Secret for 6 years where he eventually became a designer for the brand. He now operates his own lingerie store in Orlando, Florida and provides the clothing options for Sin Boudoir.

Ron #2.

Ron #2

Ron studied fashion and interior design at the University of Kentucky. After 10 years at Foot Locker where he became an Assistant Manager, Ron has opened his own shoe store in New York City.

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