How To Shave Guide

Shaving is a staple of a man’s life, but like many gentlemanly traditions it?s a skill that seems to have faded from modern life’s curriculum. So here’s all you need to know to get a close shave every time and keep your skin soft and healthy.


The most important part of a proper shave is preparation, and sadly, it is the most overlooked. Proper preparation cleanses the skin, opens the pores and softens the hairs, and all it takes is a hot shower immediately before you shave. The hot water and steam will soften your beard (or stubble), remove any dirt from your face and naturally open your pores.

Next, apply a high quality, glycerine-based shave cream, like Triumph and Disaster?s Old Fashioned Shave Cream. Avoid creams that contain menthol, as these can close your pores and stiffen your skin, making shaving more difficult, less close and increasing the chance of razor burn. And for those with especially tough beards or particularly sensitive skin, a pre-shave oil may be applied to further soften hair and reduce razor drag. Then applying the cream with a badger brush in a circular motion, an action which produces a better lather, lifts whiskers and gently exfoliates skin.


One of the most common causes of ingrown hairs and razor burn is a dull razor, which a gentleman should never attempt to drag across his cheek. You’re better off wearing Tom Ford?s stubble for a day whilst you restock your razors than damaging your skin with a blunt blade. I recommend a three-blade razor like a Gilette Mach3 Turbo, which is the intended set of blades for the Truefitt and Hill Edwardian Traditional Shaving Set.

The act of shaving itself is a skill to which you should apply focus and care. With your free hand, hold the area of skin to be shaved taut and gently glide the razor over your face. Avoid applying pressure, rinse your blade often and shave with the grain.


After you’ve finished shaving, make sure to close your pores with a rinse of cold water. Gently pat your face dry with a soft cloth and apply a good aftershave balm. Avoid products that contain alcohol, as these may dry the skin. A quality balm like Baxter of California?s After Shave Balm will moisturise your skin, protect against razor burn and renew cells.

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