Real Men Groom

Real men groom, and they always have. Whilst there may be some heckles from the back row, the immature ignorance of some should not dissuade the many from this most important aspect of men’s style.

After all, grooming isn’t just about how you look, rather it is a powerfully subtle communicator of much about you. It’s an indicator of how you care for yourself and those around you, whether that be too little or too much. So here’s how to hit that middle ground between obsession and neglect.

Control Your Face and Body Hair

Whether you want a beard, a clean shave or something in between, keep it neat and properly cared for. If you’re bearded, have a regular trim at your favourite barber or keep it under control with scissors and a beard trimmer at home. If you like to sport a little stubble, follow the science of attraction and trim it like Tom Ford.

And for the rest, learn to love your morning shave. It is one of the most masculine acts in our daily lives, passed down over hundreds of years and filled with gentlemanly tradition. Don’t view it as a chore, rather a paying of homage to our forefathers. So use good tools like a quality razor, a badger brush and some glycerine-based shaving cream. Shave after a hot shower, and use an after-shave balm to keep your skin nourished and healthy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Keep the eyebrows neat with plucking or threading. After all, they are one of your most noticeable features, and important indicators of your overall style. Use the nose-hair attachment on your beard trimmer to keep those hairs in length too, especially if you’re a taller gentleman. And keep your body hair under wraps. Wax or trim with a body groomer. Chest hair should be managed, and back hair is rarely a good thing. If you’re not sure ask your partner, and if you’re single, the bear look only works for some.


Gentleman, your skin needs nourishment and care, so moisturise, especially if your work has your hands looking like leather. Exposure to UV and chemicals will damage your skin, so use a natural moisturiser to fight the effects of daily living. Other products are necessary for moisturising too. A quality cologne, after-shave balm and beard oil should be staples in a man’s bathroom cabinet, but remember, less is always better. The scent of a man should be only for those in his intimate proximity.

Hair Style

Your hair isn’t something that you should be spending hours on every day, but you should not be ignoring it all together. Find a barber, not a hairdresser, that you’re comfortable with and get a cut that reflects your lifestyle. Learn how to do it yourself, and don’t settle for cheap hair products. And gentleman, make your grandfather proud and start to carry a comb.

And enjoy yourself

Ignoring the essential aspects of personal hygiene and appearance is not only immature and foolish, but unhealthy and unattractive. Your bathroom should be an apothecary of manliness, and you shouldn’t be afraid of seeing professionals. Your daily grooming routine should be something that you enjoy, and after a while you’ll hardly the notice the time that it takes, but trust me, your partner will notice the difference.

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