The Art Of Cleaning Your Suit

We took some advice from the experts at The Bespoke Corner Tailors on the best ways to take care of your suit. Avoid the myths and make some notes on how you should be looking after your garments.

Don’t over dry clean!

This is a big one, and a big misconception. Dry cleaning your suit damages the luxury fabrics in your suit due to the chemical processes involved. Try spot cleaning the area if you spill something small on your suit and use dry cleaning as your last resort. A suit should be dry cleaned a maximum of twice a year. Save yourself a trip to dry cleaners and only go if you copped a glass of red wine to the lapel at Saturday’s gala.

Look after your garments.

Do it yourself. Looking after one’s possessions is a an essential part of being a gentleman – and your suits should come first. This means hanging them on wooden hangers (never use a wire) and brushing them down after use. Avoid hanging them in a suit bag so they can breath.

Get steamy!

Steam cleaners are affordable and bloody useful. Pick one up from your local chain store and gently steam clean after a period of use – it will refresh your suit by getting any creases out and also revive the fibers in your suit.


We highly recommend letting your suits take a break to avoid deterioration of your suits. It’s important to rotate between suits to give avoid wearing them out. Typically you would rotate between three suits over a working week.

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