The Long and Short of It

If you didn’t already spot the black cab in the background, I’m currently in The City, the financial capital of the world, where Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II resides, London. Despite my accent, the fact that London is my city of birth, and my visits over the years, I found that I could be as much a fish out of water as any foreigner, that is, until now.

London today is far more international then you would have ever believed. When I first landed, I momentarily thought I had mistakenly boarded the wrong plane and had arrived in Paris for all the French I heard. Somehow I find myself continuously walking in circles or constantly forgetting that your safest bet is always to carry an umbrella. Oh and dear God, the things the humidity has done to my hair! However, London grabs you and faced with the city you become filled with a sense of adventure. The architecture of this city is breathtaking. Even Tudor style homes, which I ordinarily loathe, have become quite charming. Well, occasionally anyway.

In England, you keenly feel all four seasons and London finds itself on the cusp of spring. Showers are abating, flowers are beginning to bloom and, gasp, the sun is peaking out! Whether or not you live in London, as spring approaches, no doubt, you’ll be making some travel arrangements. Whether it’s for a quick weekend getaway or a much-deserved lie in the sun, packing is never a simple task.

The short of it is that when it comes to packing, I generally want to bring my entire wardrobe along with me. Alas, we do not live in the Victorian era, when a woman could justify several stylish Louis Vuitton trunks of clothing. So in the spirit of packing economically, above you will find two looks, one for day, the other for night, centered around one pair of fab faux leather shorts.

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