Watches You Will Most Likely Never Be Able To Afford

So we all know Richard Mille knows how to make a nice watch. His micro-engineering skills and general marketing abilities are phenomenal. Who else would put a watch worth half a million dollars on the wrist of Rafa Nadal as he smashes tennis balls into oblivion? Not content with making watches out of carbon-fibre and titanium, Mr Mille went ahead and made one out of sapphire. Yup. The whole thing, even parts of the movement. There were only ever 5 available and they are long gone now. Let’s hope the owners have steady hands.

Hublot LaFerrari tourbillon MP-05 – $300k USD

Hublot pulled out all the stops on this bad boy. We’re used to them doing limited editions, and crazy, blinged-out monstrosities, but this is something different altogether. With an absolutely mental 50-day power reserve, 11 mainspring barrels, and tourbillon escapement, this is a whole lot of watch, for a whole lot of money. It even comes with a special tool to wind the damn thing (imagine winding 50 days worth of power reserve by hand).

Patek Philippe – Grand Master Chime – 2.6mUSD (2.5m CHF)

20 complications. 1366 parts. 4 years for case development ALONE. Enough stats for you? This absolute beast of a watch was released for Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, and boy did it cause a stir. With 2 brand new complications (yup, they actually invented some for this watch), and 18 others on board, this is some serious horology at work. 6 were made available to the public, with one staying in the Patek Museum. They were all spoken for long before these were released, and will likely just sit in safes, getting more and more expensive by the day.

Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight Plan├ętarium – 333k USD

This is probably my favourite of the bunch. This watch actually plots the movement of all the planets in our solar system. That’s right. PLANETARY MOVEMENT PEOPLE. It also tells the time, but who cares? This gorgeous bit of wrist candy is one of the coolest watches we’ve seen, and rightly so. Someone at the party want to know where Saturn is? Boom. You’ve got them covered.

GP Jackpot Tourbillon – approx. 1mil AUD

Girard Perregaux essentially took the mechanism for the world’s first slot machine, miniaturised it, and put it in a wristwatch, along with a tourbillon, in a solid gold case for good measure. If that’s not some technical know-how, I don’t know what is. The jackpot tourbillon weighs about 3 metric tons, and will not fit under any dress shirt known to man, but when you’ve got a slot machine on your wrist, why would you hide it? Also comes with a beast of a case, a full set of poker chips, and Vegas street-cred.

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