The Art Of A Tuxedo

We recently collaborated with Rolls-Royce Sydney to showcase a range of luxury Tuxedos from The Bespoke Corner. We thought this particular Rolls-Royce Phantom, was suitable to use as its name is The Tuxedo. It’s black body with white intersection showcases an elegant silhouette which represents the Tuxedo perfectly.

Driving the Phantom was an incredible experience and a luxury like no other to drive. The attention to detail that has gone into this beautiful machine makes it worth every single dollar.

The Bespoke Corner Tailors have given us some expert advice on how to wear a Tuxedo and what accessories to include when wearing one.

“Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” Charles Hix


When listening to rules of Tuxedos you should stick with either a shawl lapel or peak lapel. The notch lapel is often frowned upon.

Traditionally a Tuxedo jacket has one button fasted on the front and often besom pockets keeping the waistline slim.

Nowadays people are steering away from the traditional plain black fabric and going for either a more textured black jacket being the feature piece with plain trousers. We have also showcased a navy tuxedo with black satin on all pockets, buttons and the waistband which makes the suit stand out with the strong contrasting colours.


If you want to keep the look classic choose a wing tip collar for your collar option this is not essential if you don’t like them.

French cuffs are a must with a formal shirt as it lets you show off a nice pair of cuff links and show cases that you understand formal wear.


The best option for shoes when pairing them with a formal suit would be patent leather, smoking slippers or oxford shoes.


Bow Tie – They might seem all the same to some gentlemen, however they are an important feature that make your tuxedo flawless. We have selected two of our favourites from Le Noeud Papillon.

Pocket Square – Sometimes using a bold print can over power the outfit. With a tuxedo it’s best to keep things simple and use a plain white pocket square. This is the final touch for your Tuxedo.

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