Top Exercises For Improving Your Sex Life

It doesn’t take much jogging of the memory to remember the intensity of your teenage/early twenties sex drive. It just so easy to recall, I mean, it kind of ruled a large part of our lives then.

Ever noticed how it’s different now? Sometimes things just change, right? We get busy, collect responsibilities and life gets in the way of things like a ‘normal’ sex life. That level of desire for life’s most primal pleasure would be nice, wouldn’t it? For us guys, what’s happening with our hormones tells a story, and testosterone is one of the biggest indicators of health, and sex drive.

This naturally declines around 30+, while others of us decline sooner with certain lifestyle choices. Either way, boosting our testosterone is of utmost importance for the vast majority of guys, especially those of us reminiscing of harder days…

Here’s a quick how to in the gym:


Lift heavy; big compound movements such as squats, dead lifts, rows, and pressing will engage more muscle groups and help increase your level. Ensure conditioning work is high intensity, which will promote a high lactate environment, and again promote more testosterone.

Also decrease body fat. More fat storage will usually lead to lower testosterone. For more on specifics on the exercise element, see these my article on losing the gut with 5 key exercises.

In General

Help yourself outside of the gym by eating healthy fats, keeping carbs until the evening, eating loads of green veggies and not drastically cutting calories. Also watch your alcohol intake, especially beer (sorry fellas!). Look to supplement with a quality fish oil, vitamin D or zinc.

Lastly, manage stress and sleep well.

In the end, if you want to get the fire back down below, testosterone must be addressed in order to make this happen.

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